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Let's Drink To That - Better Together

Let's Drink To That - Better Together

UPC: 704155778479

For the couples, situationships, Tinder dates and more!

‘Better Together’ is the go-to couples drinking card game which is guaranteed to spice up your date night.

x300 cards split into three levels of intimacy and spiciness, designed to help you get to know your partner on a whole new level. Considerate and LGBTQ+ friendly, ‘Better Together’ is designed to be played by all types of couples.


HOW TO PLAY: Drinks at the ready!, Shuffle up the cards or play them by categories. Spread them around and take turns pulling a card. Each time a card is drawn, the player has to perform an action or discuss the statement associated on the card. The longer you play, the tipsier you get!

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